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Black friday

Black Friday Strategies to try in 2022

Black Friday has put itself on the map as one of those days that businesses and consumers look forward to. But between increasing competition in the online space and rising customer acquisition costs, your offer, more than ever, will determine how effective your marketing campaigns are for this Black Friday. Don’t worry though, you don’t need to slash your prices by 70% or start planning months in advance to make sure you get the most of it. With this guide, we’ll go through some winning Black Friday strategies you can implement to see your sales skyrocket for Q4.

1) Create a bundle for your products

One of the simplest methods to provide customers more value and raise the average order value at your store is by bundling products. This is how you’ll be able to maintain a healthy profit margin for your company.

There are multiple ways you can bundle your products. For example, you can do a ‘new product bundling’, which entails mixing new products with well-known merchandise to gain some exposure for the new product. You can also look at doing ‘cross-sell bundles’ where you sell a complementary product as an add-on to the main product. You can tailor your product offerings according to the preference of your customers to align with their wants.

2) Send loyal customer-only offers and sneak peeks

Black Friday is a great time to reward your most loyal customers. Use Black Friday to send targeted messages just for members, such as additional discounts or limited access to new collections and so on. The key to getting this right is to personalise your messages according to what stage in the funnel each customer is at. For new members to your program, send offers along the lines of, “Black Friday deals for our newest loyalty program members only!” For regular or VIP customers, use phrases like, “For our favourite customers!” or “Just for our loyal customers.” Be sure to send the best deals to those customers that are willing to spend more.

3) Make gift-giving easy

Black Friday means that the holiday season is soon approaching, so a lot of people out there are looking for great deals before Christmas comes. With gift-related upselling and cross-selling, such as gift-wrapping services, personalized cards and greetings, and the option to choose a target delivery date for the item to arrive, you can make this simpler for both new and current clients.

4) Launch an offer on social media

While some buyers like the excitement of the hunt, others like to make plans in advance and take advantage of early bird discounts. By promoting your sales on social media, you can draw in both types of customers.

Businesses may create excitement and increase foot traffic to their stores on Black Friday by publishing countdown timers, previews of exclusive deals, and other interesting material. Furthermore, interacting with clients on social media is a terrific approach to address any inquiries they may have regarding your Black Friday deal.

In conclusion, Black Friday is a great opportunity to use the power of digital marketing techniques to make the most out of it. Taking the right steps to prepare for it will help you sell your best this holiday shopping season.

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