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Social Media marketing attracts new customers and drives repeat business

Social media is technology that connects people

Social media is technology that connects people, whether to share content or just to chat. You can attract new customers through friends sharing with friends. Social media marketing is the new word-of-mouth powered by technology.

Knowing where to start with setting up your social media campaign can be difficult. Evaluating your industry, competitor presence and performance takes time. Leave that to us, we will work out the best way forward for your business.

Digimedia Worx can manage and develop your social media for you. If coming up with constant status updates is not your thing, it certainly is ours! We will show you that together with your overall marketing plan you will see the benefits. Our designers can put together creative images to promote your business, special offers and competitions.

Let us take care of the entire process from concept, design, build and implementation, then monitor and report back to you.

How does social media marketing Increase search engine results?

The two are very closely related. Social media often feeds into the discovery of new content such as news stories, and discovery is a search activity. Social media can also help build links that in turn helps with SEO (search engine optimisation). Many people also perform searches on social media sites to find content. Social connections may also impact the relevancy of your search engine results, either within a social media network or on a search engine itself.

Benefits to business owners

  • Social Media is interactive and allows for tremendous outreach and networking
  • Reach out to customers to gain their attention
  • Gain exposure, traffic and market insights
  • Reputation management
  • Global reach
  • Cost effective
  • Increased sales

Social media is an open canvas and taking advantage of it requires careful strategic planning. It is extremely important to keep your profile updated and to maintain a constant presence for business exposure.

So the verdict is in… social media attracts new customers and drives repeat business.

Social Media


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