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How to promote your blog and boost website traffic

A blog can be an extremely valuable tool for your business. You’re likely to dedicate a good amount of time to identifying and generating the best information to provide to your target audience, so you want to be sure your blog gets the traffic it deserves. But while creating highly valuable content is the most important aspect of a successful blog, the bad news is that even if your content is the best in your niche, it won’t ever have a chance at reaching your ideal readers…unless you learn how to properly promote it first! With that in mind, here are our top ideas to promote your blog and boost your website traffic.

1) Do a website audit

First things first, you need to conduct a comprehensive technical website audit before you officially start to promote your blog. A glitchy, slow-to-load website is your ticket to a high bounce rate.

2) SEO Optimise your blog pages

Once you’ve completed the website audit and fixed all of the errors that cropped up in your findings, it’s now time to start working on your blog’s internal search engine optimisation (SEO). With good SEO, it will be much easier for a blog to rank high on search engine result pages and attract more traffic.

3) Use email marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most effective ways of promoting your blog and converting visitors. This blog promotion strategy helps you notify readers of new blog posts or share any good news easily. Personalizing messages for blog readers can also improve engagement on a blog by fostering genuine relationships with them and keeping the audience interested with excellent material.

4) Repurpose your content

Save time and put a new spin on previously published content with repurposed content. One big benefit of this approach is that instead of coming up with content from scratch, you may save time, effort, and money by recycling older content. You can also add interest and appeal to a wider audience by adding value and targeting new keywords.

5) Take part in guest blogging

Since you’re already blogging on your own website, why not lend your expertise as a guest blogger? A guest post is a fantastic method to promote your business and get people to visit your blog. This method also helps to establish yourself as an authority figure and connect with other thought leaders in a niche.

6) Share your blog on social media

Social media can be a great tool to help you promote your blog. After all, the number of people who follow you on different social networks is a good indicator of your professional credibility and authority. Consider including an eye-catching image or video, especially on more visual platforms like Instagram, and link it back to your blog.

7) Invest in paid advertising

Despite the fact that we all prefer free things, paid advertising has some advantages. Paid advertising spaces may increase visibility and bring more visitors to your blog.

Ads on search engines like Google are one way to employ paid advertising to promote your site. These marketing strategies can also show your advertisement to visitors who have already been to your website, giving them a polite reminder to return.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to promoting a blog. Give these strategies a go, see which works best, then adjust accordingly and keep improving until you reach your desired results!

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