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If you are looking to build a new website, the most important factor to consider is keyword research. Search engines return results based on the relevance of your site content to the user search and therefore you want to make sure your site ranks well for relevant keywords relating to the products and services you sell.

Keyword research is an investment worth making. A little time and effort invested in developing a list of highly relevant keywords then applying them to your page content, makes a huge world of difference from a search engine visibility point of view.

Implementing the right keywords to your site content is crucial because it is these keywords that will assist in driving the right audience to your website. If your content is highly relevant, then you have a greater chance of converting visitors into an enquiry, lead or sale.

At DigiMedia Worx our copywriters begin the content writing process with keyword research around the products and services you offer. We look for keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant and highly searched on the Internet. This process involves collecting information on the most popular search terms, traffic trends, competitor analysis, user behaviour and consumer demand in your industry.

The three main areas to apply keyword research are

  • To increase the relevancy of your site by developing new compelling content that describes the products and services you sell
  • In the backend of your website the same keywords and keyword phrases can be used to update the SEO meta keywords on each page
  • If you are looking to market your website via AdWords (pay per click advertising), then the keywords and keyword phrases can also be used to develop your pay per click ad text and keyword lists

Need help with keyword research?

Our team can assist with keyword research for SEM and websites. Generally, this research will also involve updating the content on your website to ensure that your text is highly relevant resulting in increased traffic to your site. Relevant content, ads and keywords will reduce the overall per click cost for your SEM campaigns as well as improve your ranking.

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DigiMedia Worx is a Google Partner located in the Brisbane suburb of Cleveland. We provide keyword research services to clients across the greater Brisbane area, north to the Sunshine Coast, south to the Gold Coast as well as Sydney and Melbourne.
"Advanced Metal Recyclers have been working with DigiMedia Worx for almost a year now, looking after all our online marketing needs. Our Media Consultant has high integrity and an honest approach to business. We are more than happy with the services provided and would highly recommend their services. In fact we have already recommended the company to another local business."

Leisa, Advanced Metal Recyclers
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