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Display ads can increase your website traffic by up to 300%, let us show you how!

Have you heard of
Google Display Remarketing

This form of advertising has been around for a while and it’s a lot more than just plain ads. Google Display and Remarketing ads are marketing campaigns that target your website visitors and customers with contextual, interest-based ads that show up on Google searches. These ads help your visitors and customers remember you and your business.

Google Display and Remarketing ads:
what arey they

Google display and remarketing ads allow you to increase your website traffic and reach potential customers by showing ads based on user’s specific search history and/or browsing habits. These contextual, interest-based ads are displayed on your website pages in accordance with the search or browsing history of your website visitors or customers. In simple terms, Google Display and Remarketing ads allow you to target the end users of your site.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the benefits of
Google Display Remarketing

Google Display

Ability to display your ads visually

A well-designed catchy image ad is more likely to capture your audience’s attention than a text ad.

Google Display

Reaches a wide audience

Google Display advertising spans across thousands of partner websites and provides the opportunity for your ads to be displayed thousands of times every single day.

Google Display


Allows you to stay connected with your audience who have previously visited your website plus you can track their activity and behaviour to gain insights on how your campaign is performing.

Google Display

Increased Brand Awareness

This leads to higher increased conversions and increased online traffic. It's also a great way to show your ads to people that are already interested in the topic you are selling.

Need help to create an
eye-catching campaign

We can help you to create an eye-catching, interactive ad campaign that gets you the results you want! By incorporating your logo, images, colours, fonts, and content all within your budget.

If you’re not already using this form of advertising, we encourage you to jump on the bandwagon quickly!

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