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Online advertising is a great way to reach consumers

At Digimedia Worx our specialists can help you position your business and the products and services you offer on the Google network via Display & Remarketing advertising.

In an ever-growing digital world, online advertising is a great way to reach consumers. Google Display advertising is an effective online advertising platform that allows you to reach consumers looking for the products and services you sell.

Google is the largest global network in the world and reaches over 90% of Internet users worldwide. Google Display ads are shown across all devices and media platforms via a combination of placement, contextual and audience targeting tools. These tools help you to reach and connect with your online audience.

The key benefits

  • Ability to display your ads visually: A well-designed catchy image ad is more likely to captures your audience’s attention than a text ad.
  • Reaches a wide audience: Google Display advertising spans across thousands of partner websites and provides the opportunity for your ads to be displayed thousands of times every single day.
  • Google Display offers the ability to target your ads to a specific audience i.e. gender, age, particular interest etc. and this can assist you in defining the target audience you wish to reach.
  • Google provides creation tools enabling display ads to be created by either scanning your website or building from scratch.

Remarketing allows you to stay connected with your audience who have previously visited your website

Example: When surfing the net last week, you visited a website offering products and services you are interested in buying. While on the net this week, you notice ads for this website appearing in different places around the web. This is retargeting at work, reminding the consumer of their brand.

Retargeting is a very cost-effective branding tool. These ads only attract a charge when the user clicks on them and goes through to your website. Your brand, special offer or whatever the communication can be seen many thousands of times for the cost of a few clicks.

Think about this?

How many times have you visited a website or looked on the internet for a specific product or service and after arriving at a website you have not completed a purchase or made contact with the advertiser? Days later when you are ready to make that purchase you can’t remember the site you visited. You go on the net again and as you are looking across websites, up pops an ad for the website you visited days ago. The advertiser has now reminded you they are still there, and this is remarketing at its best.

Whatever the message you want to get in front of consumers be it via a branding campaign or a direct response campaign, the Google Display Network offers an extremely cost-effective solution to reach thousands of people every day.

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Google Display Remarketing


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