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The success factor of any website is knowing your audience

An important success factor of any website, is knowing who your audience is. The best way to learn about your audience is through data collection, which is why Digimedia Worx recommends Google Analytics. This powerful resource enables website owners to collect valuable information on how consumers interact with their website.

Google Analytics is a platform provided by Google for generating detailed statistics on website traffic. The service is available free of charge. By gathering vast amounts of data, Google Analytics advanced technology helps website owners measure the effectiveness of their website and website marketing.

You can use Google Analytics to learn about

  • The number of visitors to your site
  • Unique and repeat visitors
  • How often a repeat visitor comes back to your site
  • How traffic arrives at your site (referral, paid ads, direct, via links and emails)
  • Where visitors are coming from geographically
  • Popularity of pages within your website, how often they are visited
  • Social media activity
  • Bounce rate (how long visitors stay on your site)
  • Browsers that visitors used to find your site
  • The devices visitors used (mobile phones, tablets, computers)


When integrated with Google Adwords users can review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality, conversions and goals such as sales, lead generation and file downloads.

Reporting dashboards provide a snapshot view of your website activity and can be customised to suit. High level in-depth reporting can also be viewed throughout the analytics platform.

Implementing Google Analytics on your website requires placing a snippet of JavaScript code to every page of the website. Once this is complete Google will start gathering your data. At Digimedia Worx we recommend all clients install analytics on their website.

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Google Analytics


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