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Instagram Creator Marketplace

Introducing the new Instagram Creator Marketplace

Instagram is officially starting to test its new creator marketplace, an online hub designed to help brands discover and reach out to creators about partnerships and campaigns. This is huge news for both businesses and creators alike, offering a new streamlined way to make money and taking influencer marketing to the next level.

So what is the creator marketplace and how does it work?

It seems that many of Instagram’s newest features are an attempt to keep up with TikTok, and this creator marketplace is no different. Similar to the competitor’s creator hub, Instagram Creator Marketplace is a dedicated space where creators can be discovered, connect with brands, and paid on the platform. It has four distinct features, which include:

1) Discovery

Many brands find themselves searching the platform for hours trying to find the perfect influencer for their campaigns. The new marketplace makes this process so much easier by enabling brands to search for influencers based on categories.

2) Partnership Messaging

Finding the perfect infleuncer is one thing, but keeping up with the back and forth communication in your DMs is another. With a special folder dedicated to partnerships in your inbox, you’ll never miss another opportunity to create the influencer relationship of your dreams.

3) Projects

Within the messaging feature, brands will also be able to send the full scope of a project to the influencer. This will include all the important details, including deliverables and rates.

4) Payments

Perhaps one of the most exciting features of this marketplace is the payments feature. In an attempt to capitalise on the growing creator economy, brands will now be able to directly pay influencers without ever leaving the platform. On the other side, creators can keep up with payments within a dashboard. Say goodbye to invoices not being paid on time!

The creator economy is a booming industry, and the new Instagram creator marketplace is bringing this process to the next level. Creators will be able to efficiently connect with brands and receive payments in one place- making this marketplace a new standard in the influencer industry. Currently only available to brands by exclusive invitation, we’re excited to see what the future holds for this Instagram creator marketplace.

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