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Why video is the future of social media

Why video is the future of social media

In the digital and social media marketing space, trends are constantly emerging and evolving.

It can be hard to keep up! Testimonials, explainer videos, behind the scenes content, influencer videos and motivational speaking – video content is key and the future of social media content marketing for engaging users with brands and companies.

Video adverts are one of the biggest trends in digital marketing.

Video is becoming an essential aspect of content marketing funnel, with 64% of consumers saying that watching a marketing video on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision of theirs in the last month.

Thanks to auto-play, users can’t avoid video in their social media feeds and with advancements such as live video streaming it’s clear video isn’t going anywhere any time soon and 43% of people want to see MORE video content from marketers.

3 reasons why video is the future of social media

Creating video content is FREE

If you have a camera, you can create video content. Facebook’s Live Video feature means you can create relevant, timely video content for free.

Yes the video content doesn’t necessarily look professional but users expect that and followers of a brand are likely to engage in the live video format as they feel they are getting a behind the scenes look at the company.

People love seeing people and adding this video element to your marketing funnel makes your brand more personable.

Video ads see much higher engagement than static ads

Thank you to Facebook’s Auto Play feature, videos will always play in a users feed meaning they are likely to engage even if they didn’t intend to as they can’t avoid the video playing. People are more likely to scroll past an image as they have a more static feel to them and don’t demand engagement.

You have to be in it to win it

The reality is if your competitors are using video and you’re not, you are missing out on engagement that they are getting.

The same goes for getting ahead of the game! If your competitors are not yet using video, jump on the bandwagon before they do and get ahead of them!

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