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do you have a mobile friendly website

Do you have a mobile friendly website?

A critical part of your businesses online presence is having a mobile friendly website.

With over 55% of websites accessed from a mobile device in 2018, it is important to have a mobile friendly website or users will quickly disengage and search for a more user-friendly option.

Not only that, if your website isn’t mobile friendly Google will now penalise you and it will have an effect on your search ranking. Sites that are mobile friendly will rank significantly better than those that aren’t!

What does mobile friendly mean?

According to Google, a mobile friendly website:


  • Does not use Flash software
  • Uses appropriately sized text and images
  • Adjusts content automatically so that users don’t have to zoom in or rotate their screens
  • Has links placed far enough apart so the right one can be clicked on


User experience is everything and your website has to be as user friendly from a mobile device as it is from a desktop. Users want content that is easy to read and view on their mobile!

Mobile commerce is the future, not only do people search from their mobiles – they shop! Whether you are offering a product or service, people want to be able to find it and explore it from the comfort of their mobile phone.

You can run a quick check using Google’s mobile friendly test. If you find your site isn’t mobile friendly, don’t worry! There are steps you can take to get it up to scratch! Investing in a responsive design is one of the best investments you can make for your business.

Digimedia Worx are experts in website mobile optimisation. All new website builds are fully optimised for mobile devices. Contact us today to discuss your website needs and receive an obligation free quote!


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