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How important is quality website content?

How important is quality website content?

Content is the most valuable aspect of your website

Your website content is your point of difference, what sets you apart from your competition and the reason consumers will choose to engage your services.

What makes good website content


Consider hiring a professional copywriter for the text that will appear on your website. Copywriting consists of writing copy specifically targeted to your target market that engages them, keeps your content relevant so it appears at the top of search engines by containing words and phrases commonly used when searching for your product or services.

Visual content

Not all website content is text. Content can come in various other forms such as videos and images. Videos are changing the way that information is communicated.

Consumers are all individual and as such like to receive their information in different formats. Some prefer to read, some watch, some listen – it is important that your website content covers all of these bases.


The design of your website brings all of your content together. Your content could be great, but if the way it is visually showcased falls flat then it might not get to the point of being read or looked at.

Your website is your shop front and how your content is displayed should get consumers through the door (and navigating around your website). Your website design needs to be clear, concise and support your brand and message

Content marketing

Search engines love content. A search engines primary purpose is to find what the person using it is looking for. If your content is consistently updated and effectively describes your product or service then you should have no problems being at the top of search engines.

Content consisting of blogs, case studies, instruction videos and photos will boost your search engine optimisation (SEO) and position you as an expert in your field.

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