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Don't waste money with DIY Google adWords...why you need an expert to manage your campaigns

Don’t waste money with DIY Google Ad-Words….why you need an expert to manage your campaigns.

Google Ad-Words is one of the most effective marketing channels to grow your online presence and business.

The platform allows you to get your adverts in front of thousands of potential customers.

Sounds great, right? And it is! When done correctly.

Successful Ad-Words is about much more than being able to set the dollar amount or knowing a few elements of how it works. It requires constant tracking, tweaking and reporting.

What is ‘Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a form of marketing that brings per click traffic through to your website by the use of strong keywords. A Google Ad-Words campaign is important to bring relevant audiences to your sight, and needs to be done right to be an effective part of your marketing strategy.

Should I manage my own Google AdWords?

If you aren’t familiar with Ad-Words, it can be very easy to waste your money. Whilst anyone can in theory set up a Google Ad-Words campaign, unless you know what you’re doing there is a large chance it could be a waste of your hard earned dollars.

There are many elements to Google Ad-Words advertising and it can be hard to grasp them all, especially if you are not at all familiar with it.

An expert in Google AdWords understands how to perform competitive research and know how to form ads based on what works; from finding good copy, to studying your competition and knowing the market as well as the best optimisation strategies.

Spending money on digital marketing is integral and can ensure your business stands out from your competition so it is important that you are spending that budget wisely.

If you’re still thinking Google Ad-what rather than Google AdWords, engage an expert such as DigiMedia Worx who are experts in the digital marketing and Google AdWords space!


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