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Are you making the most of Facebook remarketing opportunities

Are you making the most of Facebook remarketing opportunities?

What is Facebook remarketing?

To put it simply, facebook remarketing works by following your leads as they go about their web browsing – taking note of their searches, interests and clicks.

Have you ever been scrolling through Facebook and thought ‘how funny I was just thinking about that product/service/item!’ as adverts for it fill your feed? That’s not coincidence – that’s remarketing!

These adverts are placed directly in your feed, as Facebook knows that you’re interested, as you’ve been browsing this product or service recently based on your online activity.

The average person spends 28% of their online time on social media, making social media marketing an excellent way to increase your business exposure.

Benefits of Facebook remarketing:

  • Remarketing adverts through Facebook get 3x the engagement of regular Facebook adverts.
  • Consumers are already familiar with you, your brand and your message. They’re not warm leads, but they’re not cold any more! Advertising is targeted.
  • Remarketing allows you to tailor your advertisements to a specific demographic so that your adverts are reaching relevant audiences, getting you more bang for your buck.
  • It is a great measure of the content of your adverts performance as it is directly targeted to people already interested in your product or service, the conversion rates should strong.

Remarketing is one of the most powerful ways to grow your business.
Like every Social Media strategy, remarketing can seem overwhelming at first but remarketing is a fantastic opportunity to reach people who are already interested in your product or service, they’re effectively warm leads and it should be a significant element of your social media marketing strategy.

If Facebook advertising and remarketing has you baffled or you’re not that socially savvy – engage the serves of an expert such as Digimedia Worx who will be able to get the most from your Social Media remarketing strategy.



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