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Marketing your business in 2018, why your business must continue to evolve

Marketing your business in 2018, why your business must continue to evolve

Now we’re well into 2018, it’s important to keep looking forward and make sure you’re positioning your business for success.

Even if you had a successful year, there are always new competitors coming onto the playing field and your business must continue to evolve to stay ahead.

To put it simply, if your business is not evolving in the current digital market or open to adapting then it could quite easily get left behind.

Marketing in 2018 – tips to stay ahead and evolve:

  1. Stay current. There is no point fighting what is currently working even if it’s not something you would usually consider:
  • Monitor trends. Research what is current and working in the marketing world currently.
  • What are your competitors doing differently this year?
  • Consider feedback.
  • What feedback did you get last year? Have you done anything to address it? If not, now is the time! Ramp up what’s working and address any issues, complaints or customer requests!
  • What marketing campaigns did you get the most traction from, and what didn’t you get much from? Now is the time to ditch what isn’t working and focus on what is!

Some marketing trends you can expect to see in 2018:

  • Live feeds: according to a recent survey, 80% of participants would prefer to watch a live video from a brand than just read a blog. Most social media platforms now allow for live video feeding to deliver content.
  • Micro-influencers: Influencers took off in 2017, and those with the biggest following could eat up a significant chunk of your marketing budget. However there are still many budding influencers, with thousands of followers that could still boost your brand for a reasonable rate. See our advice on influencer marketing when considering if an influencer is right to promote your brand or business.
  • Artificial Intelligence. Ever think your computer can read your mind because everything you’ve been talking about keeps sliding into your social media feeds? That’s AI! Optimise your paid advertising campaigns online and on social media by targeting them at a specific audience with specific interests. AI matches your campaign to those with similar interests and the more you target your campaigns, the smarter it gets.

By being pro-active and implementing marketing strategies with confidence, 2018 can be your most successful year yet!

Stay on top of trends, explore new ones and always be on the lookout for marketing opportunities that you think might work for you, even if they don’t seem to have been explored much yet.

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