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How to sell to your customers while your sleeping

How to sell to your customers while your sleeping

Selling to customers 24 hours a day is the dream for business owners

This is one of the key differences between traditional retail and selling your products and services online, the ability to make profit 24/7, without having to be at a physical place of work.

5 key ways online retail allows you to sell to your customers and generate leads 24/7:


Selling your products and services online means that you aren’t restricted to 9-5 trading times, and can be open 24/7. This allows you to make profit during your non-working hours. Potential clients can browse and purchase your products, whilst you sleep!

By not being online, you may lose potential leads to competitors who are accessible 24/7 via their online presence.


Customer service

Displaying all your company information, products, services and FAQ’s on your website allows you to provide current and future clients with customer service at any hour of the day. This means that potential clients may not have to wait until you ‘open’ to ask you questions.

Having a contact us section allows them to contact you at any time of the day or night, meaning you don’t miss out on leads.


Visibility and reach

Traditional retail relies on branding and relationships generally limited to one geographical location, whereas online retail is also driven by search engine traffic.

This means that anyone, anywhere, searching for your product or services can potentially find you online even if they have never heard of you, expanding your potential client pool!


Range of products

Displaying your products or services online allows you to showcase everything you offer all at once, and even raise awareness of new products or services that you are offering. It also makes it easier for customers to search for something they are looking for.


Business expenses are generally lower when running an online business compared to having a physical place of work. Advertising, marketing, employee expenses are generally lower when your presence is predominantly online. Lower overheads may mean that you can lower costs for your products and services for your customers.

In today’s market is essential to be able to sell to your customers online.Consumers expect to be able to find information online, whether this be selling your brand, products or services.


Digimedia Worx specialise in providing businesses with a well-designed online presence, either standalone or to support their traditional retail efforts, to market their products and services.

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