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Should my business be using Snapchat?

Should my business be using Snapchat?

Businesses have to be strategic when choosing which social media platforms to market their business.Time is precious and most do not have energy to waste pouring into marketing tactics that aren’t going to be successful. With this in mind, should you consider Snapchat for your business?

There is no denying that Snapchat can be a powerful tool for your Marketing strategy. With over 173 million daily users you may think this is an opportunity not to be missed for your business.

But first, you have to consider your audience, are they in the Snapchat demographic?


  • 71% of users are under 34
  • 45% are aged between 18-24
  • 70% of users are female


Snapchat also relies on you already having a high level of engagement on your socials and a high number of followers to be successful.

If you do not yet have a relatively large social following or the demographic doesn’t fall into your target market, then this is probably not the best platform for your business.


However, if this is you, then these are just some reasons why your business should be using Snapchat and other considerations:

  • You can connect with hundreds of thousands of people in your target demographic, instantly. 10 billion videos are watched every day. It is by far one of the most used and interactive networks currently.
  • It allows your followers to see behind the scenes. Providing a behind the scenes look provides transparency builds credibility and engages your audience. Snapchat is meant to be raw and unpolished. Consumers invest in a brand, not just a product and showcasing your brands personality could be the difference between them staying loyal to you.
  • It allows you to personalise engagement. As long as they follow you, Snapchat allows you to send personalised content to individuals or groups of. You may send a thank you message or congratulations on a competition win directly to the individual, creating an instant loyal follower if they weren’t already!

Consider an Influencer(s)

If you have decided that Snapchat is for you and your target market is engaging with Snapchat, then you may also want to consider Influencer Marketing, as Snapchat is one of the most popular platforms for this strategy.

Considering all of these points, you need to consider whether Snapchat will make sense to use in your marketing strategy.

A Digital Marketing Agency such as Digimedia Worx will work with you to discuss whether Snapchat is right for your business and if so guide you through implementing it into your current strategy.




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