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e-commerce for retail business

E-commerce for retail business

Do you run a retail business? Why E-commerce is compulsory if you want your business to survive in 2018 and beyond.

If you’re asking yourself whether your retail business needs to have an e-commerce website, the answer is simply, YES.

Australia is forecast to be in the top 10 worldwide for online shopping, with online sales expected to exceed $32 billion in 2017.

85% of Australians have Internet access and 65% of Australians shop online. Nowadays, consumers expect to be able to order products online. It offers them the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere in the world at any time and also the ability to compare products and retailers efficiently.

What is E-commerce?

It is the buying and selling of goods and services online. An e-commerce website allows you to sell your products online to an online audience, anywhere in the world.

It gives you a competitive edge against your competitors that don’t yet have e-commerce. More consumers can find you, and purchase from you without having to physically come into a store.

  • It stops you potentially losing out against your competitors that do have e-commerce.
  • You can reach a wider audience, anywhere in the country and the world.
  • You’re e-commerce website is open 24/7 even though you may only be working 9-5, allowing you to pull in orders and profit even during your non-working hours.
  • You get better conversion rates as consumers can purchase products from you immediately without having to visit a store.
    Your customers are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to make purchases, shopping online through e-commerce websites allows them to compare multiple products and suppliers at once.

With 65% of people in Australia shopping online, and 79.4% of Internet users preferring e-commerce to traditional shopping, it is essential for your retail business to have an e-commerce presence in order to survive in 2018 and beyond.

To set up an e-commerce website for your retail business, contact Digimedia Worx for an obligation free consultation to discuss the needs and vision for your website.

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