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Claiming your Google Business page

Today while following up on correspondence received by my client, from an agency who had ownership of his local Google Business page, I was horrified to discover the agency (who shall remain nameless due to privacy laws) was demanding a payment of $500 to arrange an ownership transfer. Why the charge I asked? Because we have taken over the page and have ownership. Your page was previously with a company that we own and it has a keyword optimisation program linked to the page. This page has history which is why we are charging $500 for transfer. When I asked what optimisation work was being done on the page the representative could not answer the question. A search revealed empty content so either the agency never optimised my clients page or if they did the content has since been removed. I advised I would be taking the matter up with Google.

So let me tell you 
The process to change ownership is a simple one and can be done in less than 5 minutes. After the initial optimisation of a page what else can be done? Not a lot really apart from uploading images and videos or using the Google Plus page to share information, publish links to articles or encourage customers to review your business.

Word of warning to businesses out there
Do not let Agencies hold you to ransom over your Google Business page. NEVER let anyone claim your Google My Business page under their own gmail account. If your business doesn’t have a gmail account it is very easy to set one up. Any reputable Digital Agency can organise the set up and they will provide you with login details. If you haven’t already claimed your page, make this a priority as the Google Local Business page provides a platform that allows you to provide helpful information for buyers not to mention other benefits like navigation to your business premises and local search page results to name a few. If you need help contact the team at DigiMedia Worx Pty Ltd now!

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