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How to sell to your customers while your sleeping

Selling Products and Services Online

Selling products and services online is not as easy as just building a website and setting it live. You will also need a strong digital strategy to reach people.

Consumers have all the purchase power with an abundance of information readily available via the internet, online reviews, online ratings and social channels. Today’s consumers are using these channels effectively and gathering information long before they think about contacting you.

So how do you sell to customers who already have the information?

First up it is important to have a quality website that presents your business in the best light and gives you the best opportunity to grab a slice of the market. Your website is your store front, open 24 hours and the first port of call for consumers. Developing compelling content and addressing commonly asked questions is crucial to it’s success.

Just having a website is not enough though! You will need a strong digital marketing plan to ensure your website can be easily found and to drive traffic. Gaining a cutting edge over the competition requires setting clear goals and developing your digital strategy around these goals.

You must provide value

Present your consumer with a token value. It could be anything from a piece of information, a handy tip, a discounted offer or a video clip. Consumer attention span is short so they are not going to listen to a long winded sales approach.

Use Content Effectively

Ensure you are seen amongst the crowd. Engage with the consumer by using interesting, genuine and captivating content. Remember engagement comes before purchase.

Multi Channels

A multi-channel marketing approach is best. People operate in a multi-channel world. Examine the channels that are most appropriate to reach your target market.


If you are not analysing your results you could be throwing money down the drain. It is important to have measurement metrics in place to achieve the greatest return on investment and to identify what works best.


To drive traffic and sales you need to be seen! The internet is the primary source of search these days. It’s quick, easy to comparison shop and technology allows us to search anywhere, anytime. If you do not have a strong search strategy you could get lost amongst the crowd. Smart business owners who use these channels effectively will grow their bottom line.

Focus on your customer’s needs

  • How is your product or service going to address your customers needs?
  • Why should I choose your products or service over another?
    This should be your focus when marketing to your target market.

Getting the marketing mix right

This is the key to your online success. If you don’t know where to start or you are struggling with your digital marketing approach, get in touch. We specialise in digital marketing and can assist you to get your business on track in the digital world.

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