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5 reasons why you need a social media manager

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Social Media Manager!

Social Media Planning

Does your business have an overarching social media strategy? If you have multiple platforms, what is the purpose of each platform? A dedicated Social Media Manager will select the perfect platforms for your business and devise a strategy for each one. When you are promoting a specific event or product release your Social Media Manager will create a content calendar that is relative in the lead up to your event.

It’s Time Consuming

Social Media today is a fundamental component of an overall marketing strategy. Business owners often fall into the trap of self-managing their own platforms which can be both time consuming and overwhelming, often resulting in social media responsibilities been delegated our to other staff member (just because they use social media doesn’t mean they know how to run social media for business!!!). If you find yourself spending far too much time on your social media instead of your core business functions, then it might be time to consider outsourcing a Social Media Manager.

A Consistent Voice

Who you choose to manage your social media accounts can truly make or break your businesses online reputation. Hiring a Social Media Manager who is skilled at content writing and managing online conversations is vital. You want your business to have it’s own, unique voice that customers are familiar with. That voice may be quirky, empathetic, humorous, serious…the point is, you want it to be consistent and professional across all channels.

Increase Engagement

Content is king! An experienced Social Media Manager will produce content that gets your customers talking. They know not to spam your customers with endless sales messages and hence will create the perfect balance of social and business related posts that are meaningful and relative.

New Business Opportunities

You can absolutely gain new customers through social media! A good Social Media Manager will have the experience and ability to create highly targeted sponsored ads through your social channels to sell your products or services, and built loyal followers who will recognise your brand when they are ready to buy. “The ROI of social media is that your business will still exist in 5 years” – Erik Qualman
Digimedia Worx offers Social Media Management packages to suit your needs.

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