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How to maximise your Instagram Business Profile

How to maximise your Instagram Business Profile

Running an Instagram Business Profile for your company could be the next big step for your business. An Instagram account allows you to reach new people, communicate key messaging, and build a community. Instagram has many features and using them all is key to a successful page.


The Instagram story function allows a page to post content that expires in 24 hours. It is featured at the top of the app and on the accounts profile page. Stories are real time and focus on lower production value. This means they appear more authentic to an audience and help your business appear more human. Another benefit of using stories is the unique functions that can be included. You can post links, run polls, host Q&A’s, and even share other pages content. These features offer you strong connections with your audience. Interactive content such as Q&A’s can help you more accurately understand your audience, while the ability to provide direct links can help you promote products and services.

Instagram Video/Reels

In 2021, the Instagram app went through a bit of a rebrand. This involved changing from having separate functions for their “Reels” and “IGTV” functions. IGTV was a function that allowed profiles to post videos of up 60 minutes long. However, with the rise of Tik Tok and short video content it didn’t exactly take off. In October, Instagram announced it would be combining the function into a simple Instagram Video tab. This comes as the app stated it would like to focus more on video content than image content moving forward.

The main benefit of using the reel function for your business account is increased visibility. Reels provide another avenue of authentic content, that won’t disappear in 24 hours like stories do. Reels can be unscripted and raw content or can also lean into a more scripted style. These 60 second videos allow adding of multiple clips and music, which results in engaging and emotive content for your audience.


It could be said that influencers run Instagram. They dominate every explore page and are quickly becoming one of the most popular aspects of digital marketing. Influencers have built a level of trust with their followers. With this level of credibility comes the ability to promote products and have it translated directly to sales. Connecting and engaging with influencers can be extremely beneficial to businesses. Forging connections and partnership agreements can not only lead to them promoting your product to their followers but increased visibility. Choosing the right influencer with the right audience can mean your business is exposed to a large market of consumers who are directly interested in what you offer. If your brand isn’t quite ready to start directly contacting influencers, start off by sharing some influencer content to your page. This will not only humanise your page but increase visibility without directly forging relationships just yet.

Whether you’re just starting out on Instagram or are a long-time user, using all of Instagrams features can be beneficial to your business. If you would like to start using Instagram  and its features to maximise your business, be sure to get in touch with the Digimedia Worx team.

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