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5 reasons why branding is important for your small business

5 Reasons Why Branding Is Important For Your Small Business

Contrary to what most people think, a brand is not only for Fortune 500 companies and the big leagues — they are also necessary for small businesses and startup companies. Sometimes, branding can either make a company pull in new customers or break it by being poorly received or deemed unmemorable by the public.

Alister Clare of Credit Capital emphasized the importance of branding. He says, “A brand is more than a company’s logo, colours, or advertisements; it’s an identity. A brand is an idea, an intangible asset that ensures recognition, builds trust and connection, and all in all sets a business apart from everyone else by telling a good, compelling story.”

The answer as to why branding is essential can be narrowed down into five different reasons:

Branding Makes You Recognisable
First, branding gives your company its own identity. A good brand tells your company’s own unique story, goals, mission and why customers should buy from you instead of your competitors.

Through branding, you’ll create an impression and identity that makes you stand out. Once customers see the vivid colours of your website or that professional-looking logo of your company’s products or services, they know exactly what to expect — a quality product or the best services that they’ll keep coming back for more.

Branding Helps You Get New Customers
After you make a recognisable brand identity and leave a positive impression on your potential customers, you can expect an inflow of curious buyers checking out what you can offer. If you combine your branding with quality products, you and your company will be perceived as a reliable, top-quality company with helpful products or services.

Branding Builds Trust And Loyalty
When people experience what you bring to the table and are satisfied with what you offer, they will automatically associate your brand and company with that “satisfied and happy experience” It follows then that clients buying from you trust and believe that everything you sell is of high calibre.

So, set an expectation in people’s minds through branding and then strive to meet those expectations. Once you meet it or even exceed your customers’ expectations, you build their confidence in your products, and they will be coming back for more.

Branding Guides Your Company
Your brand does not only attract customers but also serves as a roadmap for your company. A good brand accentuates your company’s mission, vision, and core values. These three will guide the marketing team in making advertisements that fit your ideologies, aid your managers in making decisions to achieve your goals, and inspire all your employees to embody the personality and values that your company represents.

Branding Gives Employees Pride And Satisfaction
Finally, once you have established your brand image and identity, it becomes a flag; something all your employees represent. Working for a company with a positive image and great public reception creates a sense of fulfilment and enjoyment in each of your workers. In return, this gives your employees a sense of pride and satisfaction in contributing to a great cause.

Build A Brand That Hooks Customers With DigiMedia Worx
First impressions count! All it takes for a customer to make an impression about your business is a few seconds of engagement, may it be to your website, social media profile, ads or your logo. Build a brand that catches your customers’ attention and combine it with high-quality products or services.

DigiMedia Worx helps you get found—if not rank first—online. We implement proven and well-executed branding and marketing in many forms, from building your website from scratch to an email newsletter, a film, a catchy commercial, or even social media post. With enough planning and investment, your brand will become an asset.

Contact us to build a successful brand and online presence today!


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