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4 Tips for Building Your Email List

4 Tips for Building Your Email List

Email marketing has so much to offer small businesses. On average, it has the best return on investment when compared to other forms of digital marketing. Along with that, it provides a range of opportunities for connecting with customers and delivering content that will increase the value of your brand in the minds of those on your email list.

A good email list is at the core of any successful email marketing strategy. Unfortunately, this is where many small business owners run into problems: they understand the value of email marketing, but they can’t build the verified email list they need to reach their goals.

The following are a few simple tips that can help any business as they try to build an email list.

Create Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are things you offer potential subscribers in exchange for their information. It could be an ebook, a white paper, a free trial of your product or an informative video. There are several different types of lead magnets; the point is to create something that will be useful or desirable to your target audience and use it to entice people to give you their details.

Promote Your List on Social Media

Social media can be one of the best ways to reach your target audience. Use your social media pages to post about your email list and highlight the value of signing up. If you have a lead magnet, you should make sure to mention it in some of the posts you create about your email list.

Beyond simply posting about your list to attract attention, you could also use some of the paid advertising options to reach more people. Facebook lead generation ads offer one of the best ways to collect email addresses. The targeting options can help you reach the right audience, and the site automatically populates the form with user information to make it easy for them to sign up.

Pop-up Forms

Adding a pop-up form to your website can be another way to collect more email addresses. When visitors go to your site, you can have a form come up after they have been on the page for a few seconds or a few minutes. With the form popping up over the content, it will grab the attention of visitors. You just want to make sure to make the form simple and consider which pages the form appears on. Your homepage and blog pages are good options for the pop-up form, but you may want to avoid putting it on pages for products and services since it could distract potential buyers from completing a purchase.

Optimise Your Landing Page

With a landing page dedicated to acquiring new email subscribers, you can significantly increase the number of email addresses you get. With that said, you do need to know how to optimize your landing page. Pay attention to every detail when trying to build the best landing page and run split testing to find the best version of your CTA button, page text, the form, colours and the layout of the page.

Email marketing is a great value, but you need to have subscribers to send content to. That is why list building should be a top priority for any business that is developing an email marketing strategy.

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