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5 questions you need to ask when choosing a marketing agency for your business

5 questions you need to ask when choosing a marketing agency for your business

Engaging a marketing agency to handle the marketing needs of your business can take it to the next level!

Running your business is a full time job in itself and there will likely come a time when you need a little extra help from a marketing agency to ensure your marketing efforts are successful.


When considering engaging an agency to handle your marketing needs, there are some questions you can ask to make you confident in your decision on whom to work with.


With so many marketing agencies out there, the decision can be overwhelming!


5 questions you need to ask when choosing a marketing agency

Does the agency understand your business’ values and personality?

It is important that the agency you choose to engage understands your company voice or brand. There may be suggestions on the direction to take this in but any suggestions made you should be entirely comfortable with before any change is implemented.


How often will the agency communicate with you?
You want to ensure that the agency will communicate how your marketing is tracking regularly and will be able to answer any questions concerns or feedback you have in a timely manner.


Does you feel like you can trust this agency?
If successful, the marketing agency will become an extension of your business – you have to enjoy working with the individuals who will be handling your account and trust them to make decisions about the marketing of your business on your behalf.


Does the agency handle other businesses similar to yours?
Some agencies specify in handling the marketing of certain types of businesses, e.g. food, travel, healthcare. Does the agency understand your business and target market? Have they worked with similar business types and if so do you like the work they did for them?


Does the agency have a portfolio of clients you can look at?
Ask to see the agencies portfolio of clients and work they have done for them, you can even ask what results they had from particular campaigns or content!


You are practically putting your businesses perceived public image in their hands and if it pays off their work will likely have a direct impact on the success of your business, so you want to ensure you’re confident in your decision on who to choose.

Ask as many questions as you like until you are confident in your decision to engage a particular agency.


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