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Building a new website? Why content is king.

Building a new website? Why content is king.

When it comes to a website, content is king!

Content comes in a variety of forms: text, images, videos, and blogs to name a few. When building a new website it is important to get the mix right for the best change to engage with your audience.

Why is quality content on my website important?

  • Accurate and engaging content positions your company as experts in their field
  • It improves brand awareness
  • It improves your visibility on search engines
  • It gets people to your website, and keeps them there
  • It generates new leads for your business
  • A variety of content means you can create a range of backlinks to your website

Quality website content attracts visitors, and engaging content retains them.

Search engines love content and when it comes to your websites health and how well it ranks on Google, it’s content quality is crucial and ultimately the most important factor in your websites success.

If you want to be at the top of the search engine results, you have to have top quality website content!

A search engines sole purpose is to find the content that is being searched for. By consistently updating and improving your content to effectively describe your offering with key search terms and keywords, you are ensuring your content is quality and relevant.

Text is the basis for your content. Successful web content needs to be:

  • Unique to you
  • Relevant to your target market
  • Engaging, entertaining and informative
  • Easy to read
  • Optimised for search engines

As a business owner you may be an expert in your field; but this doesn’t automatically make you an expert at crafting quality web content!

If you are building a new website and want to ensure that your web content is king, contact DigiMedia Worx today who can check the health of your website, content quality and optimise it to ensure you are standing out from the online crowd.

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