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How to add videos to your Facebok page

How to Add Videos To Your Facebook Page

A Facebook business page is one of the best ways to share and engage your business with your target market.

By adding videos to your Facebook page, you can bring it to life! All you really need is some creative ideas and a smartphone camera.


Think about what kind of videos you want to include, these could be:


  • Tutorials
  • Advice
  • Product hauls
  • Videos from the CEO
  • Virtual tours

Once you’ve decided what information you want to relay using video, here’s how to get it on your page:

Film your footage

Using your smartphone or digital camera you can film your video, and either upload it directly from your phone to your business page or save it to your computer and use video-editing software to refine it before uploading it to Facebook.


Upload it to Facebook

On your Facebook business page, ‘share’ and ‘upload’ your video. Where you would usually write on your wall, select the video and hit upload. Add any text information in the text box to describe your video, being mindful of any keywords for search engine optimisation and then click ‘post’.


The video will now be posted and will appear in the newsfeed of everyone who likes or follows your page!

Be mindful when creating videos that they should encompass your company’s image. Even if they are amateur and have little to no editing, they can still work extremely well – in fact this raw footage can be the most successful!


If you are filming your own video footage, be mindful of the presentation of your video. This includes personal presentation and your surroundings. You want to appear professional – you are effectively selling yourself and becoming the face of your business!


Video is just one element of a content marketing and social media strategy.


If you are wanting to discuss broadening your marketing horizons then a professional digital marketing consultancy such as Digimedia Worx can provide professional marketing advice, as well as social media content management.

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