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How to optimise your Google My Business listing

How to optimise your Google My Business listing

Let’s face it: Google dominates search. Most business owners understand that in order to be visible on Google, they must optimise their website and also dabble into Google Ads. However, the power of Google My Business is often overlooked.

Google My Business is a free tool that makes it easier for searchers to find a local business through Google Search and Google maps. Aside from increasing your visibility in search, an optimised Google My Business listing also provides a better shopping experience for buyers and drives more traffic to your website, social channels and shopfront.

Not nearly enough businesses take advantage of the platform and its powerful settings. So, if you’re ready to make the most of this free customer acquisition tool, then read on!

Features to use to optimise your Google My Business page

        1) Provide as much information as possible

When it comes to adding information to your Google My Business profile, you want to be as meticulous as possible. The most important information to add is your business name, logo, address, phone number and business hours.

You will also need to choose your business category. For SEO purposes, it’s important that you choose the category that is most relevant and specific to your business. For example, if you run a hair salon, then use that category rather than ‘cosmetology’.

Another feature that you have control over is the ‘from the business’ description, which you can edit in the ‘info’ dashboard. When writing this section, use keywords that your audience searches to find businesses like yours, and focus on content that differentiates you from your competitors.

Finally, take advantage of those specific attributes! Google enables business owners to list specific features and services about their business. If you’re a restaurant, you might want to add attributes such as ‘Happy Hour Drinks’ or ‘Vegetarian Options’.

       2) Get reviews (and respond to them)

If you had to choose between visiting a business that has 4.8 stars versus no reviews at all, which one would you pick? We like to think that the one with 4.8 stars is definitely more attractive.

Google understands the power of other people’s reviews on influencing buyer decisions, which is why they are a key ranking factor in listings. If you don’t have any Google My Business reviews, don’t fret and start to ask around! Reach out to your loyal customers, friends and family to leave some great feedback, and make sure to always reply to them.

       3) Add photos and videos

One of the first things your customers will notice when searching your business is your profile picture. A study has found that listings with photos are twice as likely to be considered reputable and receive 35% more clicks. When uploading photos, focus on both high-quality content and user-generated content so that your business can be more relatable.

       4) Regularly update and improve your profile

Google Posts are a great way to improve your overall SEO strategy, which is why you should create them regularly. Posts are used to keep your customers updated and will also help to generate more organic link clicks. You can focus on promoting your daily specials, introducing some new stock or even share your latest blog – the opportunities are endless! Focus on demonstrating your brand’s personality and giving customers a reason to visit you.

Optimising your Google My Business listing is an easy way to drive more traffic to your business. By sharing as much information as possible, you are increasing your customers’ confidence that your business meets their needs. Remember that complete profiles are twice as likely to be considered reputable, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t invest in your Google My Business page.


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