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6 Reasons You Should Use Video Content Marketing To Reach Your Audience

6 Reasons You Should Use Video Content Marketing To Reach Your Audience

Video content marketing is one of the most useful ways to reach your audience. Whether you’re watching YouTube, using your favourite streaming service, or browsing social media, video content is everywhere you look. In 2021, the average person is predicted to have spent 100 minutes per day watching online videos. So, if you’re not already integrating video content marketing into your current strategy, here are six reasons why we think you should!

Using video to market your services or a product has shown direct links to increased revenue for your business. Marketers that use video content have been shown to grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Video is inherently more interactive than other types of content, meaning users are more engaged and then more likely to spend. Studies show that 74% of people who watched a video about a product or service later purchased it! So if you’re wanting to sell a product or service, we highly recommend producing some video content for it.

Narrative and communication are key to reaching your intended audience. Without proper and efficient communication, your brand may not be reaching who it should be, or communicating your messaging and goals as effectively as possible. One benefit of video content is that it allows you to do just this. Videos allow you to communicate emotions and relate to human experience. They’re also more appealing and interactive, meaning your audience is more likely to be engaged and result in action.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are spending a much larger amount of time at home and on their devices. This means more content is being digested, at a much faster rate. Producing video content can help you keep up with these demands, allowing you to communicate more messages in a shorter amount of consumption time. In 2020 alone, 96% of users significantly increased their online video consumption. This has made video content an irreplaceable aspect of a content marketing strategy.

Smartphones and other technology have evolved immensely over the last decade. We now have the power to create high-quality content with a high production value from our pockets. Businesses no longer need in-depth or expensive equipment to make video content for their strategy. Video content is now just as accessible to produce than traditional marketing content, but with higher reward for your business. Up until the beginning of the pandemic, self-shot video content was generally reserved for influencers or home content. However, more and more brands are delving into producing their own video content. Recent data has also shown that users are more concerned with what is inside the content, rather than the production value. This means equal opportunity for those producing content on their own devices.

One of the foundations of content marketing is building long-term relationships with users and customers built on trust. Video content allows us to provide information about a product or service, but still maintain that trust value where customers can see it for themselves in action. Whether it provides them access to video content focused around your staff members, your services, customer testimonials or even the way a product works, it lets customers come to you and make decisions for themselves. 57% of consumers have said they have more confidence in purchasing a product or service following seeing video content of it.

Engagement and Google go hand in hand. So, with video being one of the most engaging and interactive types of content out there, Google naturally loves it. In fact, having video on your website increases your chance of ranking on the first page of Google results by up to 50x! Consumers are also more likely to share links that include videos, and the more people share your links and view your content, the more highly you rank with Google.

So, have we convinced you yet? Video content marketing can provide so many benefits to reaching your audience. If you would like to learn more or talk to one of our friendly team about how video content marketing could improve your business, be sure to get in touch!


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