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2021 top digital marketing apps

2021 Top Digital Marketing Apps

Staying proactive is critical in the highly competitive environment of marketing. Thankfully, numerous valuable digital marketing apps are available to lead you on the right track and increase your productivity, efficiency, and strategic planning.

“Many digital marketing apps help implement a good plan yet don’t do the work for you. However, using the right technological stack could help you outpace the competition—all you have to do is choose the right one,” says SEO and link-building strategist Aidan Smith of Twixxer.

Here’s a list of top digital marketing apps you can use to leapfrog your marketing success.

1.   REP
If you’re thinking about collaborating with influencers for your business (or if you’re an influencer yourself), REP may be pretty helpful. REP serves as a platform for companies and influencers to interact and collaborate. Businesses may promote their offerings and request influencer marketing using the REP app. Influencers, in turn, may earn money, vacations, rewards, and goods by using the app. Collaborations can be for free, for a charge, or on a pay-per-click basis. You may also transfer money straight via the app, making transactions more straightforward.

2.   Canva
If you need a fast image for social networking sites or emails, Canva is a great app to use. It’s a graphic design app that lets you make visuals on the go. The application has pre-built layouts that enable dragging and dropping items into placement a breeze. It also simplifies the process of customizing templates to reflect the distinct style of your business.

3.   Facebook Page Manager
Facebook is a massive content behemoth. With Groups on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Watch, and the mainstream news feed competing for attention, it isn’t easy to maintain track of your Business page. The Facebook Page Manager app helps you automate most of the tasks associated with running a Facebook page. Commenting, sharing, and liking and responding to private communications are examples. This Facebook app allows you to modify your page’s settings, including changing information, pictures, and tracking statistics. The best part is that the software is entirely free to use.

4.   Google Search Console
While you are not required to register for Google Search Console to be discovered through a Google search, the app is a must-have if you would like to continuously monitor, manage, and improve your site’s visibility in search engine results. You may use Google Search Console to see how Google sees your website so that you can improve it accordingly.

5.   Grammarly
Any communication or marketing post you create should be free of typos and grammatical errors. Grammarly is an artificial intelligence-powered application that checks your work for misspelled words and grammar mistakes. It also offers recommendations based on the proposal set at the start, such as audiences, formality, topic, and tone.

Grammarly also corrects your mistakes while typing on Gmail, Facebook, Linked In, and almost all your favourite sites.

6.   Buffer
Schedule your posts on social media beforehand using Buffer—a social media management tool. You may use this application to plan social media posts and updates for Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram.

You may also check how your social media postings are doing by using the Buffer app. It allows you to keep track of your social media postings and interaction.

7.   Google Analytics
If you don’t monitor the outcomes of your digital marketing efforts, it’s all for nothing. You can enhance your results by understanding who engages with your material, how long they stay, and where they leave. The real kicker is that you can check all of your web analytics parameters using the Google Analytics app. You can monitor your company KPIs even on the move with the app. Insights on your website traffic, targeted demographics, and online marketing activities are all available for free with this app.

Take Your Digital Marketing Approach To The Next Level!

In 2021, all of these marketing applications will let you manage your business, whether travelling or away from your workplace. While you’re on the move, you can generate, monitor, audit, and communicate with your prospects, audience, or clients. The best part is that most of these applications are for free or reasonably affordable.

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