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Facebook's new page experience

Facebook’s new page experience

Facebook has decided to redesign pages, and introduce what they now call the ‘New Page Experience’. The social media company announced that this new layout will make it easier for public figures and influencers to build a community, and improve the user experience overall.

So what is the new page experience, and how will it affect your business?

No More Page Likes

For starters, there will be no more page likes, and the page will instead display followers. The reason behind this change is that previously, when someone liked your page, they were instantly turned into followers. However, they also had the option to unfollow your page, which would prevent them from seeing any updates from your business. So simply put, likes weren’t a true indication of your audience. That’s why Facebook has decided to phase them out and use followers instead.

Own News Feed

One of the main changes to this new layout is a new dedicated news feed. Before, your Page newsfeed used to be the same as your personal one. With this new update, Facebook is putting more emphasis on this tool by separating the two. The goal of this is to make it easier for businesses to easily interact and engage with customers. People will also be able to follow Pages directly from the comments on the posts.

New Q&A Format

Most likely inspired by Instagram’s story features, Facebook is also rolling out a ‘Q&A’ format as a post. Brands will now have the opportunity to engage with customers more closely by letting their followers ask them questions. Once answered, these questions will be stacked together, and followers can then swipe through them. This feature is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of what information want to know about you, and will enable you to start a one-on-one conversation.

Push on Facebook Business Tools

Facebook is now pushing its own business tools more. One change is the ability to assign and manage admin access based on specific tasks. For example, you can now grant someone access to Ads and Insights, and someone else to Content and Community Management. This gives you more flexibility, and also increases your account’s security.

How to switch to the new layout

These are just some of Facebook’s changes to its new page experience. The changes have started to roll out on certain pages and will continue to be implemented within the upcoming months. As a business page, you will be automatically prompted to switch to the new layout.

Overall, there is a lot to like about these updates. Facebook is putting a bigger emphasis on businesses engaging with its followers beyond messages and comments. If you have any questions about these new changes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Social Media specialists


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