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Does my business need an Instagram page?

One of the biggest questions for new businesses when considering their marketing strategy; does my business need an Instagram page?

Truthfully, the answer isn’t quite as simple as yes or no!

Instagram makes a fantastic content marketing platform, but in order to know whether it is right for your business, you need to consider your goals and whether they align with the Instagram market, to get maximum return for being present on this platform.

There’s no doubt about it, social media is an essential marketing tool and all businesses need to be present in some way shape or form. However, it is important to align with the platforms that suit your brand, rather than trying to be present on all.

What is Instagram?

If Instagram is still leaving you scratching your head, we’ll try to explain. Instagram is a visual marketing platform where the user’s image is the main focus of their content, with supplementary text captions supporting their message. Instagram has over 1 billion worldwide users, with over 10.45 million being based in Australia. The largest user group are aged between 24-35. There is no denying it has huge potential as a content marketing tool!

Is Instagram right for your business?

The snapshot of statistics above may already be telling you whether Instagram is right for your business or not.

Other considerations you’ll want to make before embarking on your Instagram journey:

  • Is your brand or service visual? Instagram capitalises on images so it’s important that you’ll have to engage in visually appealing content to maximise your return.
  • Most users access Instagram on their mobile, so you’ll want to ensure the rest of your business is mobile friendly.
  • What are your business goals? Instagram doesn’t include clickable links in its content, so you won’t see much in the way of click throughs from Instagram. Instead you are using this platform to boost your reputation, brand presence and relationships.

Takeaways when considering Instagram for your business

  • Instagram is a great content marketing platform, if it aligns with your brand
  • Consider your goals and whether Instagram will help reach them
  • Consider the demographic of Instagram users and whether this is who you are trying to target

Instagram is just one piece of the digital marketing puzzle! To discuss your strategy in more detail, contact us today!

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