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How to ask your customers for online reviews or recommendations

How to ask your customers for online reviews or recommendations

Online reviews are essential to your brand!

These days, rarely do people make a decision to engage with a company’s services before reading online reviews of some variety.

Why are online reviews important?

  • Reviews make consumers trust you more. If you have positive online reviews you build credibility,
  • They are essential to consumer decision making,
  • They have a direct impact on sales

How to ask your customers for online reviews

You may feel awkward to ask your customers for online reviews, but the truth is, many would be happy to leave them if they were just asked!

It’s human nature to rush to leave a review if you’ve had a negative experience, which is frustrating for a businesses online presence.

What you really want is for those who provide you with positive feedback to leave it online too!

1. Just ask!
If your customer offers you some positive feedback face to face or via email, ask them if they’d be happy to leave you a review online! People naturally rush online if they have something negative to say but 9 times out of 10 will be more than happy to translate their positive experience to an online forum with a little prompting.

2. Send them a survey
Nowadays it is simple to send your customers a feedback survey via SMS or email after they have received your product or service. This survey can link through to a feedback form and you can use logic to direct them to your Google business page if the feedback they are leaving is positive.

3. Run a competition
You can run a competition whereby everyone who leaves you an online review during a certain month goes into a draw to win your product or service. You can let your customers know this competition is running via your website, email signature and social media channels.

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