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How to prioritise your advertising budget & choose the right media for your business in 2020

How to prioritise your advertising budget & choose the right media for your business in 2020

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, sticking to or saving on business budgets and effectively allocating your advertising dollars are more important than ever.

One thing is for sure, in order to keep doing business during this pandemic; your customers need to know you are open for business and adapting accordingly.

Some businesses, especially essential service businesses, will adapt easier than others during the current times but regardless promoting your continuity of service and spending your advertising budget wisely this year should be top of your business priority list!

Prioritising your budget in 2020

Choose cost effective advertising platforms

Advertising platforms such as social media and targeted content marketing mean that you can specifically spend your advertising budget reaching those who you want to see your message most. If you have a clear cut demographic who you are targeting with your services, whether that be age, location, gender, interests, then you can target your promotion directly to these people. This is the wisest way to spend your advertising budget.

Ramp up your informative content

One thing is for certain, over the next few months people are going to spend more time than ever online and are going to be looking for more ways to entertain themselves. Use this time as an opportunity to ramp up your content marketing; share your expertise by including educational, entertaining and informative blogs on your website that you can promote through social media.

Focus on your current customers who are loyal to you rather than prioritising new business at this time

That is not to say that you don’t want new customers but throughout the next few months everyone is going to be affected and it’s important to look after your loyal customer base, as these are the ones who are most likely to look after your business and want to support you through these tough times in return.

Check in and see if there is anything you can do for them during this time, offer them special offers or discounts for doing business during this time – if you look after them now they are more likely to continue to use your service and recommend you to others during this time and into the future when business returns to normal.


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