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Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Business

Benefits of Facebook Marketing for Business

With more than 1.4 billion daily users you cannot ignore the option of using Facebook Marketing to promote your business.

Facebook is crowded and as a business it wouldn’t be smart to shy away from that crowd! It is engrained in many people’s lives and cultures and facebook marketing can be a huge benefit to businesses.


Why should I use Facebook to market my business?

Reach your customers
Your customers spend a lot of time on Facebook. 80% of Internet users are on Facebook, including over 60% of 65+ year olds! That is a huge number of potential customers that are using Facebook multiple times a day.


Target your advertising
Facebook Marketing is one of the most targeted forms of advertising you can utilise. You can target on age, gender, location, behaviour and interests – you can target all of these all at once! If you know who your customer is, you can target them specifically via Facebook.


Cost effective
Not only is marketing your business via Facebook extremely targeted, it is also extremely cost effective! You can literally reach thousands of potential customers with under $50. There is no other form of advertising as cost effective and targeted.


You get results, fast
Facebook produces fast results. You can start advertising with the click of a button and drive people immediately to your website with just one click.


You can measure your results
You can directly track the success of your adverts and put more money into what works, and adjust what doesn’t.


If you’re not familiar with Facebook for business, or don’t use it personally, then don’t worry, we have you covered! A digital marketing agency can take care of your Facebook Marketing needs.


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