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How important is quality website content?

How often should I update my website content?

Updating your website content often has many benefits!

If your website is to promote your business product or service, you may find the website content can be tricky to update once your website and write up of what product or service you are offering is established.


However, updating your content regularly is hugely important to the success of your website!

  • It’s good for your SEO
  • It shows customers your active on your website
  • It keeps you current among your competitors


So how do you update content in a valuable way?

Whilst you can’t update your products or services unless you have an update to what you are offering– what you can update is the information you provide your customers on your website that is relevant to your product or service!


This is where a blog comes in!

Blogs are a fabulous form of content marketing. They aren’t just for travellers and foodies – every business can have and benefit from one!


For example, if you are a mechanic you can write about difference aspects of car ownership, care safety, anything car related! The key words you use in your blog and the more visibility it has will improve your ranking in search engines when potential customers search for car related queries and also really position you as an expert in your field!


A blog allows you to regularly update your website with relevant and meaningful content.

Not only will your customers appreciate content they can engage with, it also provides you with content for your Social Media platforms which will direct your customers back to your website!


Show your customers you really know what you’re talking about and regularly update your website content with informative, entertaining and engaging content.

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