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These day’s businesses are realising the extreme value of lead generation utilising active search engine optimisation (SEO) across many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Google Business. SEO content marketing allows a business to drive traffic to their website and bring buyers straight to the door.

Driving the right traffic to your website is key to secure business growth and increased revenue streams. At Digimedia Worx we refine your content marketing strategy, and implement effective online marketing to ensure that the right target market is reached.

It is important to understand that SEO content marketing is a long-term strategy. It can take several months for your business to gain traction on Google.

A strong SEO Strategy involves a 6-step process

Step 1 Keyword Research

The first step to a successful SEO strategy is choosing the right keywords. Understanding your audience and how they search for your products and services is crucial for driving targeted traffic to your website.

Step 2 Meta Tags

When you type a word into a search engine this will be reflected in the title on that page. Search engines look at your pages by their titles to determine if the page has relevance for that keyword.

Step 3 Content

Creating quality content on your website is the best way to rank for keywords. Quality content will contribute to a positive user experience and if written well can give a potential customer all the information they require to make a purchase decision, thereby directly boosting sales.

Step 4 Images

Consumers pay as much attention to images on a website as they do to the text when they are looking to purchase products and services. Having quality images on your site is crucial and even more crucial is the need to correctly label these images, because search engines only read the text behind the image to determine if that page is relevant to the user search.

Step 5 Quality Backlinks

Quality backlinks are essential. An effective SEO program will look at building quality links that point back to your site.

Step 6 Social Media

Do you have social media pages? These pages send strong messages to the search engines.

Strong SEO practices will benefit your business in many ways

SEO contributes to building a faster, better and friendlier website for users. Applying on-page SEO improves user experience, resulting in short and long-term benefits.

Enhancing your website with good SEO will increase your rankings in search engines, leading to higher traffic numbers and the opportunity to convert enquirers into customers.

things about SEO that entrepreneurs should know


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