How does Facebook Remarketing work?

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October 11, 2018
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How does Facebook Remarketing work?

Facebook remarking runs adverts targeted towards previous visitors to encourage them to go back to your website to complete their purchase.

It works by following your leads on their Internet journey and promoting offers they may be interested in.

You may have heard of ‘cookies’ or seen a ‘this website uses cookies’ notification. Cookies basically tag users visiting your website.

A code is applied to the page the user visits which triggers your adverts to follow those users via its cookies around the web.

When you see adverts in the banners of other sides or your sidebar of something you have been looking at recently, that is remarketing.

Facebook in particular has a tracking pixel, which allows you to identify visitors and run a targeted promotion based on their behavior.

Why should you run a remarketing campaign on Facebook?

  • Your lowest hanging fruit can be targeted and converted
  • Your chances of converting your leads are higher as they are already engaged with you
  • Facebook remarketing isn’t impacted by the same ad blockers that many websites are
  • Facebook remarketing ads get 3x the engagement than regular ads.

If someone already knows who you are, has visited your site or engaged with your app – the chances of converting him or her into a customer via advertising are much higher.

Visitors targeted through remarketing have a 70% increased chance of being converted via your website.

Think of it as reconnecting with a familiar face. The benefits of Facebook remarketing are endless and if they’re not part of your digital marketing strategy, they should be!

We’re just scratching the surface on remarketing and there is much more to discuss; from custom audiences to measuring your remarketing results.

Engage a professional such as Digimedia Worx who can discuss and manage your social media marketing strategy and stop those leads getting away!